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MAC	Media Access Control
MAC	Macintosh (slang for Apple computer)
MAC	Mandatory Access Control
MAC	Medium Access Control
MAC	Mid-American Conference
MAC	Multiple Access
MAC	Message Authentication Code
MAC	Media Access Controller
MAC	MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) Audio Collection
MAC	Macro (File Name Extension)
MAC	Medicare Administrative Contractor
MAC	Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (tours & events; Cape May, NJ)
MAC	Macau (ISO Country code)
MAC	Macedonian (linguistics)
MAC	Macaroni
MAC	Mainland Affairs Council (Taiwan)
MAC	Macomb (Amtrak station code; Macomb, IL)
MAC	Metropolitan Airports Commission
MAC	Military Affairs Council
MAC	Milk and Cookies
MAC	Mark McGwire (baseball player)
MAC	Musical Arts Center
MAC	Management Advisory Committee
MAC	Make-Up Art Cosmetics, Inc
MAC	Maximum Allowable Cost
MAC	Mountain Athletic Conference (Pennsylvania high school athletics)
MAC	Municipal Advisory Council
MAC	Mining Association of Canada (l'Association Minière du Canada)
MAC	McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
MAC	Mycobacterium Avium Complex (medicine)
MAC	Moves, Adds, and Changes
MAC	Marine Aquarium Council
MAC	MacPaint (File Name Extension)
MAC	Membrane Attack Complex
MAC	Mobile Adult Content (conference)
MAC	Media, Arts and Culture
MAC	Marubeni America Corporation (Marubeni Corporation)
MAC	Milwaukee Athletic Club (Milwaukee, WI)
MAC	Immaculata
MAC	Material Adverse Change
MAC	Media Air Cleaner
MAC	Mineral Area College (Park Hills, MO)
MAC	Martial Arts Club (various organizations)
MAC	Mount Aloysius College (Cresson, PA)
MAC	Modal Assurance Criterion
MAC	Managed Account (finance)
MAC	Marketing Association of Columbia (Columbia University; New York)
MAC	Monetary Affairs Committee (East African Community)
MAC	Multnomah Arts Center (Portland, OR)
MAC	Master of Accountancy
MAC	Multnomah Athletic Club (Portland, OR)
MAC	Military Airlift Command (US Air Force)
MAC	Minimum Alveolar Concentration (measure of potency for anesthetics)
MAC	Mass Attenuation Coefficient
MAC	Morgan Advanced Ceramics (Morgan Crucible Company; UK)
MAC	Monitored Anesthesia Care
MAC	Mathematics and Computation (MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab project)
MAC	Model Aircraft Club (various locations)
MAC	Microsoft Approved Course
MAC	Management Adhoc Committee
MAC	Macintosh
MAC	Multiple Analogue Component
MAC	Multiple Advanced Computers
MAC	Multiply Accumulate
MAC	Multi Access Computer
MAC	Mouse Activated Computer
MAC	Membership Advisory Committee
MAC	Memory Access Control
MAC	Machine Access Code
MAC	Mid-America Council (Boy Scouts of America; various locations)
MAC	Mid-Atlantic Conference (various organizations)
MAC	Missouri Arts Council (St Louis, MO)
MAC	Master of Arts in Counseling
MAC	Marine Amphibious Corps (est. 1942)
MAC	Medium Access Controller
MAC	Memory Access Controller
MAC	Migration Authorisation Code (UK DSL)
MAC	Mineralogical Association of Canada (Association Minéralogique du Canada)
MAC	Maximum Allowable Concentration
MAC	Main Automation Contractor
MAC	Mid-America Chapter (various organizations)
MAC	Municipal Athletic Complex (various locations)
MAC	Move, Add, Change
MAC	Multiplier/Accumulator
MAC	Maximum Acceptable Concentration
MAC	Military Assistance Command
MAC	Medical Associates Clinic (various locations)
MAC	Model Articulation Controller
MAC	Mildura Arts Centre (Australia)
MAC	Munich Airport Center
MAC	Management Advisory Council (FAA)
MAC	Marginal Abatement Cost (curve; metric of costs of complying with Kyoto 
        Protocol for reducing greenhouse gases)
MAC	Manufacturing Assistance Center (various locations)
MAC	MacConkey Agar (microbiological media)
MAC	Market Access and Compliance (US Department of Commerce)
MAC	Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (Morrsiville State College; 
        Morrisville, NY)
MAC	Mid-America Conference
MAC	Maryland Athletic Club
MAC	Multi Activity Court (various locations)
MAC	Motor Ambulance Convoy
MAC	Medical Advisory Council
MAC	Multiple Award Contracts
MAC	Municipal Assistance Corporation (New York City)
MAC	Mean Aerodynamic Chord
MAC	Michigan Association of Counties
MAC	Membership Advisory Council (various organizations)
MAC	Multi-Agency Coordinating (various organizations)
MAC	Midwest Archives Conference
MAC	Methanosarcina Acetivorans
MAC	Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs
MAC	Mine Action Center
MAC	Multi Asset Class (Oberon Financial Technology, Inc.)
MAC	Mid-Atlantic Championship
MAC	Maximum Allowable Charge
MAC	Maintenance Allocation Chart
MAC	Memory and Aging Center
MAC	Mid-Atlantic Crossing
MAC	Mobile Air Conditioner
MAC	Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (Babylon 6)
MAC	Mooney Airplane Company (Texas)
MAC	Mines Action Canada
MAC	Military Armament Corporation (produced Mac 10&11 SMGs)
MAC	Michigan Administrative Code
MAC	Mitral Annular Calcification (echogardiography)
MAC	Atlantic Mackerel (FAO fish species code)
MAC	Maintaining Active Citizens (elderly care; various locations)
MAC	Machine Aided Cognition
MAC	Manitoba Arts Council
MAC	Minnesota Annual Conference
MAC	Multicultural Advisory Committee
MAC	Music Appreciation Club (various locations)
MAC	Methodist Annual Conference
MAC	Military Aircraft Command
MAC	Members Advisory Committee (various organizations)
MAC	Multi Agency Committee (various locations)
MAC	Mexican-American Commission
MAC	Midwest Airlines Center (now Frontier Airlines Center; Milwaukee, WI)
MAC	Master Addictions Counselor
MAC	Mid America Corvette (company)
MAC	Multiplexed Analogue Components
MAC	Medical Alumni Council (various schools)
MAC	Management Access Conference (annual conference)
MAC	Muslim Association of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
MAC	Monitoring Advisory Committee (various locations)
MAC	Maintaining Arc Consistency (constraint programming AI research)
MAC	Mary Andrews College (Australia)
MAC	Michigan Apple Committee
MAC	Montgomery Aquatic Center (Rockville, MD)
MAC	Midtown Athletic Club (various locations)
MAC	Marketing Advisory Committee
MAC	Machine Address Code
MAC	Mission Assurance Category
MAC	Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MAC	Management Accounting Committee (various organizations)
MAC	Months After Contract
MAC	Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MAC	Mid-Arm Muscle Circumference
MAC	Mapping and Analysis Center (FEMA)
MAC	Maintenance Advisory Committee (various organizations)
MAC	Minnesota Autosports Club (est. 1970)
MAC	Metropolitan Arts Commission
MAC	Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
MAC	Monitoring and Analysis Coordinator (US FEMA)
MAC	Moore Action Collectibles (toy company)
MAC	Mikuni American Corporation (Northridge, CA)
MAC	Michigan Aerospace Corporation (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
MAC	Monitored Anaesthesia Care
MAC	Mine-Awareness Campaign
MAC	Mothers Against Canada (South Park)
MAC	Money Access Center
MAC	Maximum Amount Contributable (US IRS)
MAC	Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrate (biological molecules)
MAC	Mothers Against Circumcision
MAC	Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
MAC	Multi Axis Controller
MAC	Minister’s Approval Certificate (UK)
MAC	Multipole Acoustic Log (energy production)
MAC	Mixed Armistice Commission
MAC	Multiservice Access Concentrator (ADC Kentrox)
MAC	Minimum Annual Commitment
MAC	Masonry Advisory Council
MAC	Message Authenticity Check
MAC	Mobility Augmentation Company (US Army)
MAC	Midwest CHP Application Center
MAC	Mediterranean Air Command (WWII)
MAC	Midwest Adoption Center (Des Plaines, IL)
MAC	Maningrida Arts and Culture (Aboriginal arts organisation; Maningrida, 
        Arnhem Land, Northern Territory)
MAC	Making Arizona Competitive
MAC	Management and Administrative Computing
MAC	Munitions Assembly Conveyor
MAC	Ma’aden Aluminum Company (Ras Az Zawr, Saudi Arabia)
MAC	Mouse Activated Computer (suggested acronym for Apple Macintosh computer)
MAC	Multiple-Access Computing
MAC	Maine Athletic Conference
MAC	Master of Art Conservation
MAC	Maintenance Action Code
MAC	Manchester Athletic Club (Manchester, MA)
MAC	Multipurpose Activity Center
MAC	Multiple Analog Component
MAC	Mississauga Arts Council
MAC	Mitigation Assistance Clinic (US FEMA)
MAC	Mobile Action Command (1970s Matchbox Division)
MAC	Mid-Atlantic Collegiate (umpires)
MAC	Multiple Access Communications Limited
MAC	Mobile Attenuation Code (cellular term)
MAC	Medical Assistance for Children (various organizations)
MAC	Movimento Anti-Comunista (Portuguese: Anti-Communist Movement)
MAC	Mean Alveolar Concentration (anesthesiology)
MAC	Multicultural Awareness Council
MAC	Museu da Arte Contemporânea (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
MAC	Medical Affirmative Claims
MAC	Mean Aerodynamic Center
MAC	Mobility Augmentation Company
MAC	Mission Assignment Coordinator
MAC	Maneuver Area Command
MAC	Multi Access Controller
MAC	Multiphase Atmospheric Chemistry
MAC	Medicaid Authorization Card
MAC	Multi Aircraft Control (aviation technology)
MAC	Montana Agricultural College
MAC	Micromechanics Analysis Code (US NASA software)
MAC	Middle America Cox (Cox-Internet)
MAC	Message Authentication Control
MAC	Mass Accelerator Cannon (gaming, Halo weaponry)
MAC	Maintenance Administration Center
MAC	Multiplying Accumulator
MAC	Multiplier Accumulator Chip
MAC	Municipal Amateur Coordinator
MAC	Magazine Association of Canada
MAC	Manufacturing Advisory Center
MAC	Management Ad Hoc Committee
MAC	Major Ambulatory Category
MAC	Minimal Antibiotic Concentration
MAC	Multifiber Array Connector
MAC	Multi-Agency Coordinating Entity
MAC	Makiling Airsoft Club (Philippines)
MAC	Major Area Commander
MAC	Multiple Architecture Computer (Hewlett-Packard)
MAC	Management Action Center
MAC	Materiel Acquisition Command
MAC	Material Accumulation Costing
MAC	Material Accountability and Control
MAC	Mechanized Assignment and Control
MAC	Multiple Access Contract
MAC	Maritime Area Commander
MAC	Multi-Sensor Air Campaign
MAC	Manitoba Action Centre (Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada)
MAC	Measurement and Analysis Center
MAC	Maintenance Availability Computer
MAC	Chief Machine Accountant (naval rating)
MAC	Material Accounting Center
MAC	Magnetic Anomaly Concealment
MAC	Moselle Alpine Club (French automobile club; Moselle, France)
MAC	Maximum Adjacent Cut (locksmithing)
MAC	Montessori Australia Council (Queensland, Australia)
MAC	Metal Anneal Chamber
MAC	Mobile Attack Cuisine (Fighting Foodons)
MAC	Multiple Array Correlation
MAC	Modern Arab Contractors
MAC	Modular Amplification Card
MAC	Mortuary Affairs Coordinator
MAC	Milestone Achievement Certificate (UK)
MAC	Mainland Aviation College (New Zealand)
MAC	Multi-Static Active Coherent (US Navy)
MAC	Men's Advisory Counsel/Committee (prisons)
MAC	MIUW Attack Craft
MAC	Mustang Athletic Complex
MAC	Magnetometer Alignment Coil
MAC	Manually Activated Call point (fire protection systems)
MAC	Minneola Alliance Church (Minneola, FL)
MAC	Maximum Asset Capability (economics)
Source: acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/MAC
Mac A prefix to surnames derived from Gaelic languages
    Many surnames of Gaelic origin in Ireland and the other Celtic nations 
    derive from ancestors' names, nicknames, or descriptive names. In the 
    first group can be placed surnames such as MacMurrough and MacCarthy…
    Many more meanings of MAC, take a look at:
    Source: en.wikipedia.org/Mac
.do the country code top level domain for the Dominican Republic

DO	Director of Operations
DO	Data Object
DO	Doctor of Osteopathy
DO	Day Off
DO	Data Out
DO	Due Out
DO	Delivery Order
DO	District Office
DO	Driver Only (train operated by the driver only)
DO	Direct Object
DO	Duty Officer
DO	Digital Output
DO	Design Overview
DO	Development Officer
DO	Director Officer
DO	Dominican Republic
DO	Disorder
DO	Desk Officer (NYPD)
DO	Dominica
DO	Diário Oficial (Official Gazette; Brazil)
DO	Distributed Object
DO	District Officer
DO	Dissolved Oxygen
DO	Ditto
DO	Division Officer
DO	Dornier (German aircraft manufacturer)
DO	Drawing Office
DO	Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DO	Detention Officer
DO	Designated Official
DO	Design Objective
DO	Doctor of Obstetrics
DO	Discrete Output
DO	Distributed Operations
DO	Deportation Order
DO	Disaster Operations (US FEMA)
DO	Departmental Offices
DO	Denominacion de Origen (general identification for Spanish wines)
DO	Disbursing Officer
DO	Operations Directorate (NIMA)
DO	Dispensing Optician
DO	Directorate of Operations (US CIA)
DO	Division Operator
DO	Digital Orthophoto (FEMA)
DO	Divisional Officer
DO	Ombudsmannen mot Etnisk Diskriminering (the Swedish national ombudsman for 
        issues on ethnic discrimination)
DO	Diffractive Optics (camera lenses technology)
DO	Determination Order (workers compensation claims)
DO	Defense Order
DO	Dommages Ouvrage (French: Work Damage)
DO	Desktop Originator
DO	Disciplined Oscillator
DO	District Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
DO	Disbursement Order
DO	Operational Dependability
DO	Drift Orbit
DO	DCS/Operations
DO	Donk Out (poker)
DO	Disbursing Order
DO	Diode Outline
DO	Disto-Occlusal (dentistry)
DO	Distortion Offset
DO	Dark One (Wheel of Time series)
DO	Doctor of Otolaryngology
DO	Diatomic Orbital
DO	Defined Order
DO	US Duty Officer
DO	Daily Orange (Syracuse University student newspaper; New York)
DO	Dawson and Oberman (plasmas)
Source: acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/DO
        v. did, done, do·ing, does
    a. To perform or execute; carry out: do one's assigned task; do a series of 
        business deals.
    b. To fulfill the requirements of: did my duty at all times.
    c. To perform the tasks or behaviors typically associated with (something), 
        especially as part of one's character or normal duties: That talk show 
        host just doesn't do subtle.
    d. To participate in (a meal or an activity) with another person: Let's do 
        brunch on Sunday.
    a. To produce, especially by creative effort: do a play on Broadway.
    b. To play the part or role of in a creative production: did Elizabeth I 
        in the film.
    c. To mimic: "doing the Southern voice, improvising it inventively as he 
        goes along" (William H. Pritchard).
    a. To bring about; effect: Crying won't do any good now.
    b. To render; give: do equal justice to the opposing sides; do honor to 
        one's family.
    4. To put forth; exert: Do the best you can.
    a. To attend to in such a way as to take care of or put in order: did the 
        bedrooms before the guests arrived.
    b. To prepare for further use especially by washing: did the dishes.
    a. To set or style (the hair).
    b. To apply cosmetics to: did her face.
7. To have as an occupation or profession: Have you decided what you will do 
    after college?
8. To work out by studying: do a homework assignment.
9. Used as a substitute for an antecedent verb or verb phrase: He can play 
    the piano, and I can do that, too.
10. Informal
    a. To travel (a specified distance): did a mile in four minutes.
    b. To go (a specified rate): did 80 mph on the highway.
    c. To make a tour of; visit: "[He] did 15 countries of Western Europe in 
        only a few days" (R.W. Apple, Jr.).
    a. To be sufficient in meeting the needs of; serve: This room will do us 
        very nicely.
    b. Informal To serve (a prison term): did time in jail; did five years 
        for tax fraud.
12. Slang To cheat; swindle: do a relative out of an inheritance.
13. Slang To take (drugs) illegally: "If you do drugs you are going to be in 
    continual trouble" (Jimmy Breslin).
14. Slang To kill; murder.
15. Vulgar Slang To have sex with or bring to orgasm.
Source: thefreedictionary.com/DO


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